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company profiles

Qianhai Guojianhuayan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was born in March 2016 with a registered capital of 11.11 million RMB and its headquarters is located in the international metropolis Shenzhen. It is a mobile Internet operator that focuses on the R&D, production and sales of HNB core industry chain technologies. It is also an innovative high-tech enterprise focusing on HNB automated mass production equipment, smart smoking sets, non-cigarette consumables, Internet of Things and smokers' big data platform.

corporate philosophy

The company is people-oriented, with the concept of "Atomization of a New Life", and is committed to creating an enterprise ecosystem integrating "smart health atomizer + new health fog treasure + human-machine interconnection smart APP".

corporate vision

The company actively responds to the full-name great health call strongly advocated by the country, is committed to atomizing the vision of great health, and fulfills the corporate vision of "Science and Technology Service Tobacco Control Project, to be a respected and practical enterprise".

On the one hand, through technological innovation, research and development of high-tech atomization and harm reduction products to serve the healthy life of the majority of users; on the other hand, actively embrace the "Internet +" and use the deep integration of the Internet of Things + smart atomizers to join hands with hundreds of millions of users. Build a new, healthy and atomized future society.


Extremely fast, minimal, extreme, and hearty

Guigang Guojian Biological

Factory introduction

Guigang Guojian Biology (GNB) is a subsidiary of Qianhai Guojianhua Tobacco (NHT), which is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on the research and development of innovative, fashionable, green and healthy heating herbal products. The factory is located in Gangbei District, Guigang City, Guangxi Province. It has a 100,000-level production workshop, automated production equipment, and a product research and development center.    Under the leadership of the entrepreneurial team, Guigang Guojian has established a product creation mechanism from design, R&D, testing, to final production, has a large-scale production capacity, and has realized the technological innovation and product transformation of heat-not-burn herbal products. The CHADD brand produced by the factory will quickly lead the market trend and become an international brand that benefits users, truly ushering in the age of healthy atomization.